In this globally competitive world, our goal is to increase productivity and efficiency. Our milling centers have enabled us to accomplish these objectives. Utilizing faster spindle and feed acceleration/deceleration than those found in conventional machining centers, we have dramatically reduced our idle cutting time. This reduction of non-cutting times combined with high speed has enabled us to produce a better quality product at a reduced cost for our customers.


Stainless Steel, Aircraft Alloys, Titanium, Invar/Kovar, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Exotics

• Milling from small and intricate components to 20” x 50” x    25” (xyz) with 4th Axis capacity
• Accuracy +- 0.0002” (+- 0.0051 mm)
• Repeatability +- 0.0001” (+- 0.0025 mm)
• Automatic Pallet Changers

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