We are in the business of “MACHINING”. Every day we deal with complex parts that have unimaginable tight tolerances, critical finishes and demanding flatness requirements, irrespective of the material call out. We not only produce these products, but we guarantee their tolerances are held. With “cutting edge” equipment, on-machine probing and manufacturing excellence, we ensure your first part will be identical to your tenth thousandth part. Parts are produced with uncompromised quality by a trained and knowledgeable staff, ensuring your purchasing experience with Clear Stream Technologies, Inc. is enjoyable. We offer affordable pricing and deliver your products when and where you need them.

Our experience allows us to take on “Tough Jobs” that require special circumstances. We have, and will continue, to build and assemble products used by “up and coming” emerging technology companies. We build “pistol grips” used by, civilian, law enforcement and terrorist tactical units, as well as products used in the automotive industry. Whether your products are used for automotive, domestic, or protection purposes, we don’t “discriminate” against particular products or industries. Since we build no product for ourselves, we are able to serve any of your machining, kitting and assembly needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional value and we try to anticipate their needs and grow as they grow.

We feel the more cost-effective and efficient we are in our operation, the more savings we are able to pass on to our customers. By blending high-speed machining and high quality together we produce a better product at a lower cost.

It is our sincere desire to distinguish ourselves as a leader and a premier supplier of machined components, kits and assemblies. To keep us in the forefront of our industry, we have and will continue to take the necessary steps to enhance our services and continue to grow and provide cutting edge technology to our customers. We know our customers will reap these benefits by having immediate access to comprehensive machining services at their disposal 24/7.

If our company has the desired attributes you are looking for when securing a home for your machined components, then we ask for the “opportunity” to earn your trust and become your next vendor for machined components, kits and assemblies.

Best Regards,

Michael Sandsness